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1 ) Do Accolade body kits come pre-painted ?

All our Body Kits come unpainted. Our High Quality TFF product Includes Full Primer. This Means you will be saving around USD 400- USD 700 just on

Bodyshop Charges. Our Parts have the Finest Finish in the Industry. You have to request TFF Grade at the Time of ordering and it will cost extra.

1.1 ) Are Accolade Products sold on other Web Sites.

Accolade is the Only Retail Company in the Body kit Industry. Many would ask the reason for this. This is because Accolade is the Only Company in the World to Manufacture its own parts, Quality Checks and directly sells to the Customer. The Advantage of this is that We are able to give a better Quality Product.

As you can see our Product Images are very High Quality, giving full view of product on all angles. Check other web sites. They will have our images copied, our Brand Name Deleted and their logo engraved on to this images thus making Those images not visible. If you are customer you have to demand pictures which has better view.

2 ) Can I install the body kit or do I have to use a body shop ?

We highly recommend a Body Shop. A person with less experience trying to Install a body kit may Damage the Vehicle and the Parts.

3 ) What is the Average Shipping Time ?

Shipping to any address in the USA averages around 21 days. But please do allow at least 30 days to receive the product.
Specialty orders are estimated at  6 weeks for delivery but in some cases may  take longer depending on availability.

Canadian Shipments on average take 1 - 1 1/2 weeks longer compared to the USA shipping estimates . For other countries E-mail us for additional information. 

4 ) Can I Purchase Parts Separately ?

Yes, you can, please E-mail chris@body-kit.com for more Info.

5 ) How do I Identify Original Brand Name Accolade Products ?  

a.) Thermo Flex Fiber Parts comes in Black Colour.

b.) All parts have a very Shiny Surface denoting a Quality Finish.

c.) We have the ACCOLADE logo engraved on the inner side.

d.) The Material Strength is both Solid and Flexible.

6 ) What is PFRP and TFF and How is it compared DURAFLEX.

  PFRP Is an Acronym for POLY FIBER REINFORCED PLASTICS. A Flexible Variant Of FRP. Its extremely lightweight and allows for excellent fitment. TFF Is an Acronym for Thermo Flex Fiber. This is Our Number 1 Quality Product.

Everyone Now speaks something called Duraflex. This Acronym is used as a Cheap Method of Marketing. In this world there is no material Called Duraflex. Rather its Fiberglass used but to Mislead Customers.

7 ) Will I receive a Tracking Number for my Order ?

We do not currently provide Tracking Services.How ever we provide a Bill of Lading for the all Shipments Prior to arrival at the Destination.


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