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To Apply for Accolade Sponsorship please provide the following details.
If the details are not sufficient enough your application will be rejected.

We only sponsor cars which are Fully Show Spec.

** And Which have ALREADY been fitted with OUR BODY KITS~ NO EXCEPTIONS Must be EXTENSIVELY Modified. **
(Wheels/ Engine Tune Up / Suspension / Interior and Exterior).

Do not E-mail us asking for a Price Discount in order to gain sponsorship or do not have any ACCOLADE products in advance of your proposal.

Applicant must have participated in at least 3 shows for consideration, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Name :


Age :


ACCOLADE Products Currently on Car Required ~  NO EXCEPTIONS :


C Address Only ~


Occupation :


A Full Description of Your Project :


Pictures of Your car and Modifications:


Number of Shows Participated and Pictures:


Forums or Message Boards in which you Actively Participate:


Other companies which sponsor you and Copies of Official Documentation and Sponsorship Letters.


The Style in which you e-mail should be professional and this will be taken into account.


If you are a ACCOLADE Customer with our parts and feel you meet the above criteria Please send a proposal

To Apply for Accolade Sponsorship Development you must provide all of the above details or you will be rejected.







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